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Hockey-Golf Shape Toilet Brush (Pack of 1)


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Hockey Golf Head Toilet Brush Cleaner L Edge Head Cleaner Flexible Deep Cleaning Silicone Brush for Quick & Easy for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom & Wash Basin (Pack of 1)

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5 in stock


This toilet brush is a golf/hockey brush head design. The TRP material brush head is soft and flexible, and can easily clean corners that cannot be reached by traditional toilet brushes. The bristles of the silicone toilet brush are non-sticky, and the dirt on the brush will be cleaned as soon as it is flushed. Dirt will not remain, clean and hygienic! Using our toilet brush, your bathroom will look gorgeous and make cleaning an enjoyable and fulfilling experience!


About this item

  • The Unique Hockey/Golf Head Design Makes You Feel as If You Are Swinging When Cleaning. Precise Positioning, Clean, No Dead Corners. Get a Hole in One! Smile Upward and Handle Chores with Pleasure.
  • It Is Moderately Soft, Can Be Bend Freely, Will Not Scratch the Toilet Even If the Brush Head Cleans the Toilet with Great Force. It Can Also Easily Be Cleaned, You Don’t Need to Worry About the Cleaning Problem After Using the Brush.
  • Hanging Wall Design Perforation-Free and Durable Nail-Free Installation Strong and Non-Marking Stickers Durable and Stable Not Easy to Fall Convenient for Daily Cleaning
  • It Can Reach Any Corner, Especially for the Cleaning of Toilet Lid Edges, Small Gaps Between Toilet and Wall, Inside the Groove of the Toilet, and All Ceramic Plastic Glass Surfaces. It May Also Be Used for Sinks, Washbasins and Bathtubs.
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